Friday, May 12, 2006

December 7. 2021

Church split over "Chimps in Heaven"
Theologians on both sides become more entrenched, as the Catholic Church debates the concept of "Sentient Apes" having soles and therefore an afterlife.
Campaigning bishops in favour ( Mostly from western countries.) point out that- “ Now we recognise the physiological and psychological similarities between humans and higher apes .We can no longer ignore our duty of pastoral care towards these, “God’s special creatures.”
“With the increase of commercial trans-genetic animals and bio-objects, many containing human DNA.
The Church must grasp this bio-ethical challenge. You may not be a brother, but I won’t turn away a cousin from God’s house.”
Detractors say. “ This not only goes against the teachings in Genesis , but would lead the church to sanctifying inter species marriage. A logical outcome of this argument.”
Not since the Pope defused the “Homosexuals in the Church” issue, by down grading it from a Sin to a Genetic condition. Has the Vatican faced such a potential for open warfare within it’s flock.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

October 12. 2009

Save our Soles.
Chaos on the high street, as more shoe shops in England and Wales are fire bombed under cover of darkness. These have become the latest businesses selling leather goods, to be targeted by the self styled, Animal Rights Army. In their campaign to stop the use of animal hides.
Hatecast in your pocket.
In addition to direct action, the ARA are spreading the message via Wi Fi Viruses, to mobiles and pods. These take the form of video nasties and threatening wallpaper. So, next time your phone rings, make sure you know who it is before answering!
Environmental groups remain divided on the issue of sustainable animal products.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

March 15. 2019

The "flattening" of America gathers pace.
Cities across Southern United States see continued demolition of high rise office and apartment blocks.
Many of these buildings have stood empty for years. Their occupants long since moved out to the burgeoning orbital new towns, that have sprung up around cities over the past decade.

Room to breath.
The creation of these new urban centres, composed only of single story buildings has been in response to the high proportion of the American population that now weigh over
160Kg. Estimated at 68%.
“People are so big, that old buildings with standard size doors, corridors, elevators, and even bathroom facilities, are totally unusable.” Said one Texan city planer. “ New fire regulations now make any dwelling with stairs technically illegal, as many of those “logistically challenged” could not be evacuated in an emergency.”
An environmentalist spokes person said “We should address the issues of over consumption and change people, by force if necessary.”

Sunday, December 11, 2005

May 21. 2017


Sexual frustration boils over.
Over 700 killed and 2500 arrested as unrest spreads across China . Hundreds of thousands of desperate agricultural and factory workers are taking to the streets to protest about the unavailability of marriageable women.
Over the decade, the falling number of girls ,compared to boys being born, (thanks to prenatal selection techniques) has meant that there are now 10 times as many men as women in China today. This alarming trend continues despite government initiatives to promote the production female children.
These, bachelor protests are gathering strength and ferocity, since the banning of "wife auctions" and the government policy of "citizening" women of marriageable age from impoverished nations like Bangladesh and Peru, has been suspended by nationalist parties in the coalition. Who maintain that it "dilutes" the genetically pure population and would eventually lead to the destruction of Chinese culture.

The lucky few million. The Middle classes scoop up the last remaining Chinese girls.
97% of women from poor or rural areas have migrated to the prosperous cities in order to find a husband who will provide economic security. As there is such a shortage of women, most find a partner from the desirable professional classes, enabling girls from the poorest backgrounds access to a leisured consumer lifestyle that their mother’s generation could only dream of.
Annalists worry that this may be the last generation of farmers and that the country side will be totally unpopulated by 2065, causing a production crisis of epic proportions. Environmentalists however welcome this, saying it is what China’s dwindling wildlife needs.


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